Web Design.

Need a new web site? Here are some of Dwight's client sites.
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  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
Dwight designed the four websites above for various clients:  a life coach, a goth rocker, a Reiki healer, and a woman exiting the work-a-day world.  He used different platforms:  Homestead, Weebly, and Reverbnation.  He helped clients in the selection of images, in the writing of web copy, and in the overall look and function of their sites. Each website expresses the distinct personality of each client.

Does your old website need a
Makeover?  Dwight's did. 




At first glance, you'll see the visual focus has shifted from Dwight's books to Dwight's face and his different moods. Three photos were unified with sepia tones and cropping. Also the sites are different in dynamic ways. The new site is more user-friendly and intuitive. Seeing how Dwight made over his own site might give you ideas of how your own website might be given enhanced and freshened. Or if you wish to launch a new website, let him know.   
THE OLD WEBSITE was best viewed on a laptop. When viewed on a mobile phone, the design and text got smashed together. Each page of the old site was actually about 3-4 pages of text. No one's going to read that much. The navigation menu was clumsy and had 12 tabs. This site was created with SitebuilderPlus (Homestead's old software.)
THE NEW WEBSITE is viewable on both mobile phones and laptops. That means that Google will track the site better leading to more visitors and a better ranking. The amount of text per page has been greatly reduced. The design elements have been streamlined and simplified. Instead of 12 navigation tabs, there are 6. Horizontal menus are more popular these days. This site was created with WebsiteBuilder (Homestead's new software.)
Depending on the currently design, the fee
for a makeover is about $250 - 350.  If you haven't updated your site in three years, this might be a great way to enliven traffic to your site.

The average cost for a new web design is about $400 
(This varies based on the complexity and design hours.)  

Four-Page Website:  $400.
Two-Page Website:  $300.
One-Page Website:  $175.