Dwight's year of caregiving.

​​​​FOR THE PAST YEAR DWIGHT HAS ENJOYED PROVIDING CAREGIVING FOR SENIORS.  He likes being his own boss. In addition to helping clients with basic tasks, he also can work with the family on quality of life issues, creating projects to promote engagement, etc.  He can work in a senior facility or at a client's own home.

There are different levels of caregiving that people need and that he provides:

* Clients seeking Companionship or a Personal Assistant. These clients might want someone to talk with, someone to accompany them on outings, on walks for exercise, trips to the store, cultural events, etc.  (These clients are usually fairly independent.)

They might need assistance with meals, errands, email, doctor appointments, physical therapy exercises, memory exercises, doing jigsaw puzzles, art projects, etc.  
* Clients with Cognitive Challenges such as dementia, Alzheimers, panic episodes, depression, isolation, forgetfulness.  (These clients need someone to help calm them, engage them, orient them, help them locate missing items.)

Doing jigsaw puzzles, working with the Constant Therapy app, hanging up calendars and signs -- these things can be helpful with clients with cognition issues.

​​* Clients with Physical Challenges who use walkers or wheelchairs. Those who need assistance with showering, dressing, toileting, transferring, fall prevention. ​Dwight is not a nurse and does not provide medical treatment. But he provides care, empathy, patience, kindness, creativity, conversation and common sense!

Below is his link at where you can request his services. Or leave a note in his guestbook.  Caregiving rate is $25 an hour.