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I'm in the process of turning my novel, THE HOPE STORE, into an audiobook recorded in my own voice. I've set up my recording studio at home with a cool Meteor Mic, a popscreen and headphones.  I'm excited about doing an audiobook because I've gotten some good experience doing my personal essays on WBEZ radio. And these books are booming these days. I myself have found that I'm more drawn into books when listening to them. The audible world pulls me in more seductively somehow than when I read. And having a good audiobook can sometimes reach more readers than a printed book. 
It's not that I think I'll get rich (though I'm open to that!), but because as I listen to these books, I can see how immersive they can be.  Also I've gotten good feedback from my audio appearances on WBEZ Radio also.

I'm thrilled to share than I sent a clip from the audiobook to author Neil Gaiman (Coraline, American Gods, The Graveyard Book). Firstly I was stunned that he even replied, and the next morning no less.  Secondly I was over the moon that he wrote: "You're a good reader."  

* To listen to a draft of the first minute of the audiobook, click on the screen below -- and wait a few seconds.

It's just one minute.  Please tell me what you think.  (I know I can make the tech part better.)



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