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Friendship has always been very important to me, especially since I don't have a lot of family left.
Some of my best conversations lately have been with friends out of state. I continue to try to develop my Chicago inner circle. Sometimes finding a true friend is as daunting as finding a true love, but there is joy in the struggle!

My work/life balance has been pretty good. I have two caregiving clients which gives me time to focus on hanging out with friends, promoting cuddle activities, engaging in Buddhist activities, seeing movies, reading books, and doing my writing. I've been enjoying exploring new friendships and adventures. My physical health, finances and moods are pretty good. No big obstacles or emergencies right now.

I've been thinking about turning my novel, THE HOPE STORE, into an audio book recorded in my own voice. Not because I think I'll get rich (though I'm open to that!), but because as I sample my first Audible book, I can see how immersive audio books can be.  I am reading/listening to the new novel ON EARTH WE'RE BRIEFLY GORGEOUS by Ocean Vuong. He's a gay asian poet that is now writing prose and so am I. Vuong's narration is very poetic and hypnotic, though I wish he had more variety in pacing, tone and emphasis.  I think the book works better as a memoir than as a novel since there is not a forward-driving story structure. Once I listen to the audio book, I turn to the physical book to make notes on the pages.

Also I need to finish revising and expanding my new novel BEFORE I DISAPPEAR. It's currently in novella form.  I'm also exploring if there is a nonfiction book in me that needs to get written. Unlike Vuong's book, my memoir would not center on migrating to the US or an abusive parent or Opioid addiction.  It would more likely focus on the miraculous good karma I've encountered in my life and my adventures with mental unwellness and how Buddhism allowed me to better navigate the world and the compelling and colorful people I've known and loved in my life.

I went to a great art exhibit here in Chicago of Japanese painter Tetsuya Ishida at Wrightwood659. The artist explores the alienation in a technological age. At times his work reminds me of Edward Hopper with its urban loneliness. At times it reminds me of a science fiction movie. He took his life in his 30s but left behind hundreds of unforgettable images.

As a news junkie, MSNBC and CNN are often tuned in on my TV. The march toward impeachment moves at a steady beat.  I've been watching the new Amazon TV show "Undone" and it's pretty terrific. Animation collides beautifully with magic realism in this show with an intriguing, relateable Latinx hero.   

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