Therapeutic touch can transform.

The Cuddle Movement began around 2004. Two relationship coaches in New York City devised something they called a "cuddle party."  It became a phenomenon and Cuddle Party affiliates began popping up around the U.S. and beyond.  These events spoke to a huge need for nourishing, platonic touch. Around 2013, professional cuddling businesses began to appear. Some current ones are Cuddlist, Cuddle Sanctuary, and Cuddle Up To Me. An article online says that pro cuddling is available in 30 states. As we speak, Meetup lists countless cuddle events in the US and around the globe in locations like Barcelona, Ireland, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Canada.

Dwight is a therapeutic cuddler in Chicago trained through He has been working with clients for over three years. Sessions are in his home and can be 1-3 hours at the rate of $80 per hour. The sessions are designed specifically around your unique situation and needs. Dwight can share with you a Cuddle Menu of 8 positions every cuddler should know. And
The Book of Cuddles which can give you more ideas.

His clients include men and women of diverse backgrounds and orientations and needs. Dwight tends to work with men who are married to women and are exploring their feelings for men. And women who've had negative or abusive relationships with men who want to feel safe with a man. Also some people just have been single for a long time and miss the fun and affection of snuggling.

As babies, if we are not held -- we die.
As grownups, we are no different.

You have the inalienable right to hold and be held.
Why should partnered people have all the fun?
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Dwight also leads a Meetup group called MEN CUDDLING MEN for all who identify as male. It's been thriving for about four years. The events are held every other month at a dance studio on the north side. The fee is $20.  Some of the regular features of the group all the Hello Hugs where you get to hug about ten men for one minute each. And the "Donut Hole" Group Hug which concludes the evening. Four men stand in the middle and the rest of the group surrounds them in a loving embrace of warmth and good karma and comradery.  For more info or to make reservations for the next event: